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My first thoughts on S2E1, all out of order:

. wasn't much point to watching the live stream.  I don't have the bandwidth for good resolution - couldn't even make out half the white text, and got cut off several times.  Should have started with a download.

. Molly/Lestrade.  It can happen!  Not only were they there and talking, but they picked up a previous conversation about his Dorset plans.  Go Molly/Lestrade!  Get over your respective disappointments!

. Re: the end: I am beginning to develop a policy of ignoring anything the writers put in that involves someone in middle-eastern clothing.  It seems best.

. I really shouldn't have spoiled myself on this.  It never made a difference with one-hour network TV series, but this would have been more fun with no expectations.

. the female perspective on John/Sherlock: OH HELL YES.  Listen to the women, John.

. I love that Sherlock defaults to calling John-GFs "Sarah," only considering other alternatives if they complain.  I can just imagine it: "Oh, is she the new Sarah, then?"

. the Coventry business.  I LOVE hard counter-intelligence decisions.  Real-world angst and soul-selling.  That particular solution was appropriately unrealistic for a larger-than-life show.

. I am not impressed that they changed canon.  She was supposed to beat him in the end.

. and now for my number one overriding ep crush: DANGER NIGHTS.  Oh dear God danger nights.  THAT THERE IS A PROTOCOL FOR THIS.  That John loses GFs for this, and John and Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson are all in on it, and oh heavens.  And Sherlock knows anyway.  This pushes all my codependent-John buttons.  Why do I have codependent-John buttons?? Surely this isn't supposed to be a good thing.

And they didn't find anything in the usual places.  THERE ARE USUAL PLACES.

When the prompt freeze lifts I am prompting DANGER NIGHTS.  Except apparently not with that subject line, what with the spoiler freeze ongoing.


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