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Will wonders never cease! I finally found an S/J fic with a definitely sociopathic Sherlock that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's creepy in a good way.

Stolen Moments. Not terribly surprisingly, it's by [ profile] velvet_mace, the same author whose Collared WIP is an amazing helping of fucked-up angst, with forced-to-be-cruel!Sherlock and probably-going-to-be-broken!John, both at the mercy of utter-bastard!Mycroft. (And if you like that one, while it's currently up to Chapter 3 on [ profile] velvet_mace's LJ, there's a lot more in first draft form on the kink meme; follow the link labeled "Prompt" in the intro to Chapter 1.)

But back to Stolen Moments. It's in Sherlock's POV, and I don't think I'm spoiling anything if I say it involves hypnosis!rape. I am tempted to call it a 5 on the Sociopathy Scale, but I think that's due to my bias toward awarding 6's only to fics I don't like. Certainly this Sherlock has zero conscience, feeling regrets only for the possibility that he's basically broken his toy. And he does need to construct external constraints in order to change his behavior; he's not able to do so via willpower alone. So I'll go ahead and give it a 6.

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His Lap Full, by [ profile] lucybun. Fun little fic, and hot. Comes with picture by [ profile] livia_carica. S/J, Sherlock POV, sociopathy index 1 (not in evidence; 0 would be "Star Trek AU, Sherlock is a Betazoid empath", and wouldn't that be funny?)

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I was keeping an eye out for an S/J fic that would ring up a "6" (the top score) on my improvised sociopathy-scale. Found one.

(Parenthetically, I note that this one seems to have been composed before the anon author saw episode 3. Figures. I have a theory about the effect of ep 2 on fic.)

I am not, technically, recommending this fic except to those interested in exploring the whole sociopathy angle. It turned my stomach, and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening reading out-of-character fluff. Also, since I'm posting this publicly, let me slap a trigger warning for rape and stalking onto this thing.

Nevertheless, it is extremely well-written from every angle, so kudos anon author! An Experiment, Of Sorts
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Two (or three) finds this time.

First, an enjoyable little AU based on Ella Enchanted (which you needn't have read). Entirely John-centric. Man's Original Virtue, by an anonymous author.

Next, an amazing pair of fics, Sherlock viewpoint, by [ profile] sprl1199: Cu Sylvatica, with Sherlock being tempted to throw in with Moriarty, and Knot Theory, with more, deliciously stomach-churning Moriarty as Sherlock and the reader try to figure out Moriarty's angle on turning himself in. Sociopathy index: Sherlock considers himself one, John disagrees; I put it about a 4 out of 6 on my newly-minted sociopathy scale (Paradox would be a 5, while a couple of fics I don't particularly want to hunt down again with straight-out psychopathy would rate a 6).

Fic Find

Sep. 13th, 2011 12:40 am
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This is a short piece I found days ago and kept in tabs for a while. It stood the test of time so I'll add it to the list. Gen, g-rated: Seeds, by [ profile] thesardine.

No recent fic finds. I may go back to looking for good fic rec lists instead of just following [ profile] holmesian_news.


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